Key Stage 4

This section contains modules relevant to the Key Stage 4 Home Economics specification. Within each module you will find resources such as PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, quizzes and more.

What's on the plate?

This module provides an overview of The eatwell guide and the 8 tips for healthy eating.

What's on the label?

Food labelling reviews the information is required on a food label, as well as information that is provided voluntarily. The NI Quality mark is also explained. Click here to watch our ‘Quality Assurance Guaranteed’ video.

What's in Food?

This module explores the energy and nutrients provided by food and drink. Dietary fibre is also investigated.

Ages and stages

Ages and stages – explores in detail ways in which a healthy diet can be achieved at key life stages.

Dietary disorders

Dietary disorders – an overview of dietary and lifestyle factors which may contribute to the development of dietary disorders, as well as how they may be managed with dietary and lifestyle advice.

Food styling

Food styling – find out about the art of food styling and the techniques used.

Keeping food safe

This module focuses on food poisoning, looking at symptoms and controls, as well as aspects of food safety.

Special diets

Special diets – reviews some of the diet and lifestyle advice for individuals with special diets.

Teacher's guide

Teachers Guide for KS4, last updated in 2016