Key Stage 3

This section contains modules relevant to the Key Stage 3 Home Economics syllabus. Within each module you will find resources such as PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, quizzes and more.

Food skills and cooking

This module is about ensuring pupils have the necessary food skills and techniques to cook a range of dishes safely and hygienically. The module also explores aspects of recipe writing, being creative, using equipment, time management and cooking with beef and lamb.

Food safety and hygiene

This module focuses on food safety and hygiene – from personal hygiene when preparing and cooking, through to the consequences of bad hygiene, i.e. food poisoning.

Healthy eating

This module focuses on the principles of a healthy balanced diet, as well as looking at the needs of different people throughout life.

Making the right choice

This module looks at the different factors that affect food choice. Food labelling is explored, and the NI Quality mark explained.

Teachers' guide

Background information for teachers.