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  • Serves 4


2 NI Farm Quality Assured rump steaks                    

6 x 15 ml spoon (6tbsp.) Corn flour                          

Pinch black pepper    

1 x15 ml spoon(1 tbsp.) rapeseed oil                         

1 Onion                                  

2 cloves Garlic                       

1 Green pepper

350g  rice                                           

3 x 15 ml spoon (3 tbsp.) Sweet chilli           

2 x 15 ml spoon (2 tbsp.) reduced salt Soy sauce     

2x 15 ml spoon (2 tbsp.) reduced sugar and salt Tomato ketchup              

2 x 15 ml spoon (2 tbsp.)  Honey                              

2 Scallions  (optional)




Large pan/ wok, Saucepan with lid, 2 chopping boards, Cooks knife, Vegetable knife, Garlic crusher, Spatula, Tablespoons, Bowl for coating meat, Measuring jug, Scales, Plate with kitchen paper, Serving bowls


  1.       Peel and finely slice onion.  Peel and crush garlic
  2.       Wash, deseed and finely slice green pepper
  3.       Wash and finely slice scallions
  4.       On separate board, slice the rump steak thinly.   Wash hands after handling raw meat.
  5.       Cook rice as per instructions on packet
  6.        Place the meat in a bowl and toss in seasoned cornflour.
  7.       Heat the oil in a wok (or pan) until hot, add the beef and cook until golden and crisp.
  8.       Remove the beef and drain on kitchen paper.
  9.       Reserve some of the oil for the next process, discard the rest.
  10.    Stir-fry the vegetables for 3 mins to soften slightly.
  11.    Add soy, sweet chilli sauce, tomato ketchup and honey.
  12.    Cook for 2 mins, then add the beef back to the pan and toss well to coat.
  13.     Serve with the cooked rice
  14. Garnish with fresh scallions

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