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Diet, Lifestyle and Health

Supporting Unit AS 2: Diet, Lifestyle and Health, this area looks at eating patterns. Additional content will be added in the future.

Based on the GCE specification, this area supports the following learning outcomes:

  1. Explore the trends in food consumption that have led to increased prevalence of diet-related disorders, for example: demographics; social change; employment; and leisure patterns.
  2. Discuss the barriers that prevent consumers from making healthy food choices, for example: resources; availability; food labelling; and food advertising.

The resources comprise:

  1. Barrier Word Cards: A set of discussion cards, useful to introduce the topic area.
  2. Data Task - Overweight and Obesity: Data analysis task, focusing on trends in overweight and obesity in NI.
  3. Family Food Survey: Data analysis task, using the Family Food Survey. 
  4. Information Sources: Useful sources of further information.


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